Tabula Rasa Reviews
"You are a soldier fighting for what you determine is right, and while you may not be able to solve all the problems of the universe, you will go from Tabula Rasa ("clean slate") to something much more."

"From the looks of it, it is gearing up to present players with a sci-fi title that is more than just a typical alien shooter, but rather an evolving and challenging game that will not only entertain but provide many opportunities for players to feel a sense of accomplishment."

"This player controlled action is a big plus for Tabula Rasa if you ask me. Players have to aim their guns and shoot, and while they'll get plenty of help from lock-on targeting, this kind of battle doesn't seem as arbitrary. Players will be able to move while fighting, use cover, increase their damage by crouching, and avoid enemy projectiles by dodging as mentioned above. The result can be exciting gunfire exchanges and the need for tactical teamwork. Just because the game is still calculating odds of success for firing solutions based on player and NPC attributes doesn't mean players can sit back and watch the action."

GameSpot PC
"Garriott also suggested that the game will make smart use of instanced content and branching story-driven quests to help players feel like they're more involved in the game's story. This is also to offer a more mature overall story that offers moral ambiguity and shades of gray, as opposed to the conventional structure of most online games, which require players to complete linear quests that always have the same result."

Game Almighty
"What is Tabula Rasa? That's a fair question, I suppose. The answer is that it's a revolution in MMO gaming, itÕs a new experience, and it most definitely deserves your attention. Richard Garriott is more than famous for his contributions to the gaming industry, which can be found in games like City of Heroes, Lineage and of course, the Ultima series. All signs so far point to Tabula Rasa eclipsing the impact that these games have had, and it most certainly seems that many hours of my time are to be eaten up by this amazing-looking game.

" It's definitely fair to say that Tabula Rasa is pretty much unlike anything else we've seen before. From just the short time I got to spend watching this game, it's jumped right to the top of my most wanted list."

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